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  • Pair of French Doors
  • Pair of French Doors
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Pair of French Doors

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Model number:Round trip Antiques

Pair of French Doors

Introducing a very nice door from France.

The arched shape is very designable

A door that doesn't cover anywhere.

It was fashionable because it was designed by each French family.

Even if there are similar things, they do not have the same design.

The color is French blue with a calm and luxurious feel.

The inside is white.

The glass part is also old glass from the early 1900s

The gentle light from the glass part brightly colors the room.

A French door that is still rare in Japan, it is a unique item that no one wears.

A gorgeous door can be used as a door for a store at the entrance or in a store.

I want you to use it.

With such a nice door at the entrance that you see every day when there is a visitor

It is an item that you would like to welcome.

Recommended for the main house. There is only one antique.

There are scratches and dents, but in good condition

I'm buying. note that.

French doors are tall.

There is a crack in the glass in the center right, and there is a crack in the arch window part, so

Please replace the glass.

The pillars on both sides are fragile, and we will cut the pillars before shipping.



color:French Blue x White

size:Height 31600mm Width 14600mm
Door height 2300mm Thickness 40mm
Window (glass) Height 1340mm Width 500mm


The state is subjective to the last, so please check with the image.

There may be some oversights such as small scratches and damage,

Please note that it is an antique item.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Product Name Pair of French Doors
Control number 181-14
Country France
Price 300,000 + tax
Stock quantity 1

We at Round Trip Antiques only send antique items that have been carefully repaired so that they can be used, but there are always scratches and dirt.ります。
In addition, all of our products are unique due to their antique characteristics.おります。
We hope that those who can understand and enjoy the goodness of antiques, which are carefully made by hand by craftsmen, used carefully, and changed into texture with time, will continue to use it for a long time.ります。