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"Moulin des Loups Hamage"Soup Plate

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Model number:202-911

"Moulin des Loups Hamage"Soup Plate

On the plate of Moulin de Roux

This is an introduction.

Moulin de Roux is in northern France

It is a famous kiln.

This is a soup plate.

A plate with a soft design.

Please judge by looking at the image.

We serve from beautiful items.

brand:Moulin des Loups Hamage

age:around 1920

color:white x blue

size:Diameter about 23cm Height about 3.8cm


Not imported as food tableware, but for collection and decoration

It will be imported.

Please use it for collection and decoration.

The state is subjective to the last, so please check with the image.

There may be some oversights such as small scratches and damage,

Please note that it is an antique item.

There are some small scratches and dirt.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Product name"Moulin des Loups Hamage"Soup Plate
Control number 202-306
Delivery Yamato Takkyubin Country France
Price 4,000 + tax
Stock quantity 1

We at Round Trip Antiques only send antique items that have been carefully repaired so that they can be used, but there are always scratches and dirt.ります。
In addition, all of our products are unique due to their antique characteristics.おります。
We hope that those who can understand and enjoy the goodness of antiques, which are carefully made by hand by craftsmen, used carefully, and changed into texture with time, will continue to use it for a long time.ります。